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Busy Season Incoming!

Denver Home Show 2017

Landscaped Retreats

Winter is on it's way out and Landscaped Retreats is starting to pre-schedule projects! Our services range from design/install all the way to maintenance and up-keep. Landscaped Retreats is backed by reputation and two other sister companies Root Tree Service LLC and Colorado Fence and Deck LLC. We like to handle every aspect of a project instead of sub-contracting. This becomes easier on our clients as we're a one stop shop for all outdoor needs. We will all be at the Denver Home Show March 17-19th 2017 displaying our work and scheduling estimates for new clients!

Hiring Proper Contractors

By Brendan Zarnoch - October 19, 2016

With the growing economy many small companies are popping up all over town, consumers are often over whelmed with the flyers, door knockers and advertising. One thing to keep in mind is that not all of these "overnight wonders" are legitimate companies. Here are a few tips to keep you and your family safe when hiring someone you don't know:

#1-Get online and check out the companies reputation, see what people say about them and how they treat their clients, have they been around long? A good company will take pride in their online presence and reputation because that is how they grow their business.

#2-Outstanding or out of business? Check out your states business entity search engine to verify the company is registered and in good standing, this search engine can be found here for Colorado-

#3-Ask for their liability insurance paperwork or even to be added as an additional insured before the work begins. This is an extra step for the contractor but it only takes the insurance agent a few minutes to process the paperwork and send it over.

#4-Look at their workers compensation policy for their employees. Owners don't generally need workers comp, employees and sub contractors should have it in place in the event something occurs on your property.

Don't let this article stray you from the small companies, there is nothing wrong with a single crew or even a single operator. You may find that they have better attention to detail but they could also be over whelmed easily with their work load. It's all too often we hear about how a customer was ripped off or taken advantage of when working with an un-named company or shady individual. These four items on the check list will help you as a consumer reduce your risk and help you locate the best contractor possible for your project. In this industry we have heard many stories about the "cheapest bid" and how they ended in a mess. You will always receive what you pay for, some companies require more money because they have the experience, knowledge and skill set to provide the results you desire.


Marston Slopes Improvement Project

By Brendan Zarnoch - April 1, 2016

Just wanted to share a new project with everyone that we're working on. Marston Slopes has asked us to put our touch on their neighborhood and improve the look of this very nice nieghborhood. Today we started by removing all the rocks and junipers along a 700 foot section of the neighborhood. Our company is honored to take on projects like these improving neighborhoods and local communities. Thanks again Marston Slopes and Scott!

Spring Time is here!

By Brendan Zarnoch - March 29, 2016

Hope every has had a great winter and you are ready for spring time! We will be aerating and fertilizing this coming month to prepare for summer. We are sticking to our natural products and applying them every 6-10 weeks, we have found tremendous results using this process. Aerating twice a year helps with our tough soil, it's not a sales point or excessive. We also over-seed in the Fall or Spring to keep filling your lawn in on a yearly basis. This combination can't be beat, and it's competely natural and builds the soil from the ground up. Chemicals only make the grass green but provide no nutrients or soil building.
- It's still a little early to turn your irrigation system on but not too early to call us and schedule services. Our tree guys are busy working so if you need any tree removals or trimming give us a call. Also our landscaping schedule is slowly filling up so if you would like work done give us a call and get on our schedule so we can take care of you! 
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Denver Home and Garden Show 18th, 19th, 20th March

By Brendan Zarnoch - March 14, 2016

Need something to do this weekend? Come check us out at the Denver Home and Garden show this weekend. We will also have our tree guys handing out discount cards and answering any questions you may have. It's a great event for finding various home items or companies for service. We will be handing out coupons to those who come to our booth!! Come say hi, enjoy the time out of the house and save money on your next home project with Landscaped Retreats! If you want to volunteer and hang out let us know as well, we may be receiving significant snow by Friday so be prepared!