Landscaped Retreats Customer Testimonials

Review for Denver Snow Removal

By Ketna

Kenta: Did you guys come today before 6 am and remove the snow?

Landscaped Retreats: Yes we cleared your drive around 1:30 am

Kenta: Thank you. It was perfect. I had a yoga class at 8 am today at my home. I was thinking how I will clear the walk way today in the morning. You did it on time. Thank you again.

Recommended Denver Lawn Care

By Venanzio and Kristin Momo

Since our family had switched to Landscaped  Retreats we have noticed a significant improvement in our lawn. It is much healthier, thicker and there has been a noticeable reduction in the number of weeds. We have been happy with their services and their professionalism. We would recommend Landscaped Retreats for lawn care as well as any landscaping projects large or small.


Satisfied Denver Landscaping Customer

Customer Review

by Robert Brown

Landscaped Retreats truly has taken care of all our home’s landscaping needs! These guys not only provide affordable pricing, but they also make sure I don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to our yard. They know all the steps necessary to keep a yard looking clean and green. Thanks Landscaped Retreats for making the entire process so simple, I’ll be a satisfied customer for years to come!


Client Recommendation for Denver Landscapers

from Google Reviews

by Rich Jones

We have consistently struggled with finding a quality landscaping service for our yard. We have almost a 1/2 acre of abundant perennial gardens and open lawn space. Landscape Retreats has been amazing. Not only are they consistent and do an excellent job in the weekly mowing, trimming and removal of clippings but they have quickly responded to our other needs like shrub and hedge trimming, mulching, aggressive plant removals and sprinkler start-up, shut down and repairs. In fact, Landscape Retreats noticed that some of our lawn was showing some heat stress immediately showed the initiative to adjust the sprinkler heads in the affected areas allowing these bad spots to recover even during the heat of August. The entire crew at Landscape Retreats are easy to talk with and very professional in their work. If you are unhappy or seek professional landscaping work, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Landscape Retreats. You won't regret it...

5-Star Review for Denver Landscaping

from Google Reviews

by Matt Eischen

Fantastic job- very professional and friendly to work with. They were open to our ideas and we were really able to make the yard feel very warm and welcome. They took our entire yard from one of the worst in the neighborhood to easily one of the best.