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Residential Hardscapes

Hardscape work is at the core of what we do everyday. Our team builds retention walls with professional block capable of holding back a parking lot or even just for accent on your property.

Paver patios are another specialty of ours, we can build any size or shape patio to fit your needs or desires. Hardscapes are the foundation of everything we do. 

One of the biggest components of any landscaping environment is your hardscapes. This is anything such as pavers, concrete, and other hard surfaces that balance out your green areas. Hardscapes provide you with a solid foundational design element to work around and to install the required plant materials. At Landscaped Retreats, we provide our commercial and residential customers with an expert perspective on hardscapes, ensuring you receive the most informed and well-rounded advice on your next hardscaping project. If your home or business is in need of concrete installation, we also provide a clean, fast, and affordable installation service to give you the best outcome for your business.

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