Denver Landscape Design Company Talks About the Benefits of Residential Hardscape Design

With springtime coming up soon, many homeowners are already making plans for landscape design projects. In addition to plants, trees, and flowers, residential hardscape design provides another way to beautify a property. In our semi-arid state, Colorado homeowners must be diligent about water conservation, and this is where hardscape provides a real advantage.

What Is Residential Hardscape Design?

There are two main elements that make up outdoor living spaces: hardscape and softscape. These two are opposite each other, but both are necessary to make a landscape completely functional. Softscape refers to the things growing in your yard: flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees. Hardscape refers to the hard stuff in your yard that is unchanging from year to year: concrete, stone, bricks, and such. 

What Are the Benefits of Residential Hardscape Design?

There are plenty of benefits of adding hardscape elements to your residential landscape design project. Here are a few of them:
  • As mentioned, one of the best things about hardscapes is that they conserve water. When you replace natural grass or other living softscape features with hardscaping, you simply won’t have to use as much water.
  • Erosion is common in most landscapes, and hardscapes can offer some level of protection. Projects such as retaining walls, paving stones, concrete, artificial grass, and gravel can improve erosion control because it provides a barrier and improves drainage.
  • Hardscapes easily show defined parts of your yard, such as with a patio or porch. This defines an outdoor living space.
  • Hardscapes can give you privacy from neighbors if they are designed to do so. For example, fences or lattice screens make your outdoor spaces more private. (Of course, softscapes such as shrubs and trees can also enhance privacy.)
  • Hardscapes can add to your home’s living space, such as with a patio or outdoor kitchen.
  • With attractive hardscaping, you can enhance your home’s curb appeal and even raise its property value. 
  • Hardscaping provides guidance for foot traffic. Driveways tell people where they can park. Walkways let guests know where they should walk. Fences keep kids and pets inside.
  • Hardscaping adds to how your property functions. For example, adding an outdoor kitchen or grilling station enhances your options for creating meals by giving you an outdoor spot.
  • Hardscaping is a low maintenance way to enhance the look of your yard. Usually, once you’ve installed a hardscape, you don’t have to do anything in terms of maintenance.
  • Hardscaping inhibits weed growth by creating a barrier.
  • Hardscapes such as pergolas or gazebos help to define areas, and they create welcome shade from the hot summer sun.
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