Denver Landscape Design Company: How Long Your Project Might Take

Most people realize that their landscaping project will not be completed as quickly as it is in television programs. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that viewers never get to see. How long will your landscape design project take? It all starts with your plan for how you want to beautify your outdoor space.

Here’s what you need to know when planning your landscape design project timeline.

Step 1: The Initial Site Visit

The first step in bringing your vision to life is an appointment with a landscape design consultant. You can expect this visit to take an hour or two. The main purpose of this visit is for you to get an idea of whether or not the contractor will be a good fit for you and to go over the details of your plan. The landscape designer wants to get a feel for what you want and how you plan to use the space. You will discuss what your “must-haves” are as well as what you hope to have. The designer will go over options for incorporating these into your project and how they might fit into your budget.

After talking, the landscape designer will put together a formal proposal that will include the details and costs of your project. Once you go over the plans and make any changes, you will likely have to pay a deposit before the landscape design company will move forward.

Step 2: Scheduling the Project

Once you’ve approved the final plans, it will likely take a few weeks for the landscape design company to make preparations if they’ll be doing the work for you. Depending on the features of your project, it will take some time to make plans for things such as lighting, irrigation and drainage, and other construction details. The length of time this takes will depend on how detailed your project is going to be. If you are only adding and changing some plants, you might choose to do the work yourself. If the project is more complicated and includes the construction of new features, such as planters, sidewalks, patios, irrigation, lighting, and so forth, the landscape design company will put you on the schedule.

Step 3: Project Installation

The length of time it takes to bring your project to life will depend primarily on the size, complexity, and features of your project. Your landscape design contractor will provide you with an estimated time of completion before they get started—and you can count on it taking longer than the length of the typical HGTV makeover show.

Keep in mind that even with a completion estimate, there are some things that are out of control of the landscape design professionals. This includes weather issues, delays for specially ordered items, errors in items delivered, and other unexpected issues. Your landscape design contractor will keep you informed about any unplanned issues.

In Summary

Your landscape design project can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the scope. When you work with professionals like the team at Landscaped Retreats, you’ll get a good estimate on time, but you should allow for the unexpected. When you are ready to get your landscape project started, contact us!
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