Landscaping Ideas That Will Completely Revamp Your Yard

As spring gives way to summer, homeowners across the Front Range are looking for projects that spruce up their home’s curb appeal—and give passersby something pleasant to look at. From large projects to small ones, each can have a huge impact on your home. 

If you’re thinking about tackling these landscape projects on your own, see your plans come together before you invest money in plants, gravel, stone, and other materials by contacting Landscaped Retreats. Our expert team can create realistic renderings for your project before you even get started.
Here are some popular projects you might want to work on this summer.

Add Interest to Your Walkway With Plants and Solar Lights

If you’ve got a walkway leading up to your front porch, why not make it a feature? The classic plant-lined walkway is making a comeback—and we think it’s a timeless look for any home. Consider adding flowers and plants with a layer of mulch. If you throw in some evergreens, you’ll have color all year long. 

Another way to dress up your walkway is to add solar lights. These are not only pretty, but they are practical as well since they’ll help ensure people stay on the walkway in the dark.
Make Way for Guests By Building a Stone Walkway

If you don’t have a walkway, then it might be time to consider creating a stone walkway. This project can be an easy one for DIYers—and it can be affordable as well.  Adding rectangular pieces of material such as slate slabs is affordable and it makes a huge impact. Make sure you dig deep enough before placing the stones; you don’t want them to be too high or you could end up creating a tripping hazard.

Create a Sitting Area With Stringed Lights

Speaking of lights, stringed lights have become popular over the past few years, and many people hang them off of decks and pergolas. Most people put them in the backyard, but if you have enough room, you could consider building a sitting area for the front yard as well. Or, if you have a covered porch that is underutilized, adding comfortable chairs with string lights will create a cozy spot to sit on warm summer evenings.

Build an Area Where You Can Have Fire

Whether you opt for a fire pit where you can burn real wood or if you invest in a gas fireplace, adding the element of fire to your yard is a great way to enjoy it. With a fireplace or fire pit, you can enjoy your yard year-round—even on chilly winter nights. Be sure to be generous with a seating area; there’s nothing like having friends and family over to sit by a fire.

Add Some Potted Plants

This takes little planning as you can just head over to the local nursery and pick up container plants that are already put together and ready for display. If you have a covered porch, you can also consider adding some hanging baskets to create a welcoming look to your home. 
Talk to Landscaped Retreats about your next outdoor project. We can help you with projects of any size. Take a look at our finished projects page for a bit of inspiration—then give us a call!
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