Patio or Deck: How to Decide Which One Is Right for You

Nothing says summertime like hosting a barbecue for friends in your backyard. If your current setup falls short of providing entertaining space for family and friends, it might be time for a landscape design project for your Denver home. But how do you decide whether you need a patio or a deck? 

Here’s some information that can help you come to the best decision for your property—and your lifestyle.
What Is the Difference Between a Deck and a Patio?

There are differences and similarities between these two structures. Decks are usually made out of wood or some composite material. They are often attached to a home, although they can be freestanding as well. They are always elevated above ground level, often high enough to be flush with a home’s second story. Safety railings are usually required.

Like decks, patios can also be attached to the home, but often they are set apart in the landscape. Because decks can be made in so many different materials—pavers, stone, brick, concrete, and so on—they are more flexible. Patios don’t have safety rails like decks do because they are built on the ground without any elevation.
What About Maintenance?

The short answer to this is that generally, patios require less maintenance. Wooden decks in particular can require quite a bit of maintenance, such as annual water sealing for wood decks. But patios might need to be resealed every once in a while. And if the patio is made out of paver stones, it should be sand-swept every few years to ensure the joints stay together tightly (to avoid tripping hazards).

How Do You Decide What Is Better for Your Yard?

When you work with a reputable landscape design company, they will tell you what will work with your yard—and what won’t. Certain terrains might not be ideal for certain structures. Getting advice from an expert—and following it—will likely save homeowners a lot of grief down the road.

If you have a flat yard and your back door opens at ground level, then a patio is likely going to serve you well. But if your doors are elevated, such as in a house with a walkout basement, then a deck might be the best choice.

What About Cost?

Many people assume wooden or composite decks are more expensive, but it really comes down to the materials you’ll be using to build a deck or patio. A plain concrete patio will cost less than an elevated composite deck, but if you start to get fancy with stones, the costs of the patio could exceed that of a deck.

How Will You Use It?

Think about how you will use the area. If you want a fire pit and a hot tub, this could be trickier to accommodate on a deck and easier for a patio area. 

Contact a Denver Landscape Design Company

At Landscaped Retreats, our landscape design experts will be honest about which structure might be more suitable for your yard. Give us a call today and let us help you out! 
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